Royal Navy Recognition

The 6th Torbay Britannia Sea Scouts are proud to be Royal Navy recognised, which we have been since 1942, as one of only 99 other Royal Navy recognised groups in the UK and one in Gibraltar. We are unit number 29.

Unique to our group is our affiliation since 1938 with Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. This is why we have ‘Britannia’ in our group name, which was given to us in 1971. This affiliation enables us to arrange special visits and make use of the College’s facilities.

Every 18 months the group undergoes an inspection to ensure its standards meet those required to keep hold of its Royal Navy recognition.

The Royal Navy organises activities each year that our Scouts and Explorers have an opportunity to take part in. These include a Soccer Sixes Competition at HMS Excellent in Hampshire, a Swimming Gala at HMS Raleigh in Cornwall and a week-long Explorer Camp focusing on-water activities, also at HMS Excellent.

The group gets to fly the defaced Red Ensign and members wear Royal Navy Recognition badges on their uniforms.

The Scouts’ and Explorers’ most recent trip to HMS Raleigh in Cornwall to compete in the annual Royal Navy Recognised Sea Scouts swimming gala