Beavers can join our group from the age of six to eight years.

In Beavers we work towards badges and provide a range of fun activities, including sleepovers, camps, and hikes.

We also take part in all the Torbay Scout District events organised for the Beavers, giving them the chance to meet other Beavers in Torbay and have even more fun!


We have two Colonies which meet on either Mondays (1800hrs to 1915hrs) or Thursdays (1745hrs to 1900hrs).

Please do not leave your child unattended if the doors are not open.

Waiting List

The waiting list for our beaver colonies is now three years.

Children over the age of three years will NOT be placed on the waiting
list as we don’t have the capacity to take them into the group.

Alternatively contact Elaine Harrison, District
Commissioner for Scouts at
for details of other Beaver Colonies in Torbay

Beavers Documents